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The Lost

Will you be lost?

Theodora movie poster sized CS

Coming soon to Krippes.com

The Lost

The Lost.

The Lost is a new web series by myself, about a man who is trying to survive in a world that seems to be a dumping point of alternate realties.  Never knowing what he will find or face, he must use his military survival training and knowledge as a former Air force gunsmith to try and stay alive through each day.  With no hope of getting home, and no real knowledge about how he got there or where he is, he fights his way through a world not only full monster, but also one that contains people from other worlds who may help, or kill him for his supplies.  His life is one day changed when a strange aircraft crashes nearby and he discovers a lone survivor.  Can he find any kind of real life in this world and what  danger will he find next.

Since this Comic is made in by me and me alone, it will not be out for some time.  How often it will be released and when are not decided yet.  Till then, Coming soon.

The Lost Preview!

Since my life is about art and comics i have begun to create a web comic.  Most of the work is still to come and i have only begun, but these two works are the first look at this new story based web comic.  For more information check back soon.

Thedora 2Vivian pinup