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Steampunk girl…

Another evening drawing….

girl web

Steam punk land of the lost style comic on the way!

I have been spending the last year developing a story based web comic.  I call it Hades at the moment, it is a land of the lost meets steam punk type story.  It is going into production this very week, I don’t know when it will drop, or where… but i will let you know.  For now, enjoy this art work.


Hades cover a


Quick drawing

Drew this one for fun, been working hard on a peace to follow soon, in the mean time enjoy this Vivian sketch.  Love Steampunk.

vivian pin

Back at full steam!

Is that a gun, or a spear, or a knife?….Hades web pice

Alive in Hades

The lost is no longer the Lost.  It is being called Hades now.

Hades is the Greek underworld.

kraft pin up2