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Spidey_Gwen blonde

Color study!

A new color study, steampunk ginger.

steamgirl colour



girl study

Woman of steel

supergirl darkJust some new work.

Work in progress… (Supergirl?)

scanned and ready for colors.supergirl

Something on the way!

Just a peak at a new piece.

scar girl color preiview

recent work

scar girl web size


Thursday, lets grab a coffee… I know just the place.  The Cracked Cup

cracked cup logo chalk small

B*tches and Baristas!

I am formally Announcing my new project.  The web Comic B*tches and Baristas.  Written by Emily Pearl Page Krippes and drawn by my myself.  It will premier in January of 2015.  The comic will give you a hilarious inside look into what it is like to be a Barista.  If you want to know more and keep up.  Check out its web site.  The Cracked Cup

B and B annocment small


So this is something I have been working on, lets just say something much bigger is coming.  On Friday I will announce what it is.  But here is a tease.

character sketch 2 web test

sketches in progress…

These drawing are for a up coming project… enjoy a first look.

sythia charater sketch lauren profiley

Six years ago this day!

A soon to be crazy girl who now runs a web site called Emm’s Page, decided to go out with a crazy city boy who loved to wear long sleeve henleys.  Now we are married and get to peak over each other shoulder to see what each other is up to.  She is crazy, but a genius.  I bet she’d say the same for me.  But my art dose reflect her often.

This was the drawing for our wedding announcements.

portrait of us colrtake twoWe had a different back ground, but I’m sick and I can’t find the file on this computer right now, and you know, deadlines.

But this year, while on our small honeymoon, we went to Steamposium.  Which was perfect for us.  We had the honor of meeting one the hardest working, most inspiration people I have meet in a long time.  Steampunk Couture founder Kato.  Turns out that pretty face owns and help runs like seven business or something now.  But I got her and the other industrious women at the Steamgirl booth sign a card I had drawn for Emm the night before.  I had Kato surprise her with it, it was amazing!  Thank you so Much Kato, and all the girls at the Steamgirl both.

super swsome birthday gift webPS.  she is soon to be crazy because she married me.


Steampunk girl…

Another evening drawing….

girl web

Quick draw!

A Quick study of a male figure before bed!!!!

study for web

Steampunk face

Just a drawing i did recently.Face large

Steampunk girl

Just a little drawing.

clockwork dress

Steam punk land of the lost style comic on the way!

I have been spending the last year developing a story based web comic.  I call it Hades at the moment, it is a land of the lost meets steam punk type story.  It is going into production this very week, I don’t know when it will drop, or where… but i will let you know.  For now, enjoy this art work.


Hades cover a



More work is coming!

I know i have been quite lately, but I have more work on the way.  Here is a preview.


For love of Gaming

A recent commission I did for a friend, thought i’d show you.  leave a Email if you are interested one.

anna inks small

Quick drawing

Drew this one for fun, been working hard on a peace to follow soon, in the mean time enjoy this Vivian sketch.  Love Steampunk.

vivian pin


A new skill, hand drawn typography…. enjoy the new work.

Photoshop editing by Emily Pearl Page.

Better Steam Characters-1-2 bizzare graphic-1-2 emily pearl water mark-1-2




The Lost

Will you be lost?

Theodora movie poster sized CS

Coming soon to Krippes.com

New art, with more coming!







New art on the way, enjoy Theodora!
Theodora poster-web

A good Day for “Day”

I think it’s rare to meet someone famous who you truly respect, not just admire.  Felicia Day is someone I admire and respect for the fact that when most of Hollywood and TV said she was too nerdy, she made it anyway, without them.  She has produces dozens of web shows and gone very, very far.  I took the Love of my life over at Emm’s page and went to C2E2.  There we got to meet the one and only Felicia Day, creator of Geek and Sundry as well as the Web show The Guild.  As we were waiting in line, we realized we didn’t have anything for her to sign.  So I did a quick portrait of her.  As it turns out you get photos of her when you get up there, but she loved the drawing and was amazed at Emm’s healthy, thick hair, and jealous.  But at the end of the day (haha) I met Felicia Day

Day, Bun 2Emily and Felica


Day was great and super nice and very real.  She didn’t even have giant sun glasses on!