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This is my latest, more prints to come.

scar girl color take two web size

Issue #7: Spoon Slap


Its Thursday so check out this!

Issue #7: Spoon Slap.

Something on the way!

Just a peak at a new piece.

scar girl color preiview

Issue #6: Sunday Edition

Issue #6: Sunday Edition.

Bay decides to work out… sorta

recent work

scar girl web size

May our hearts by with Monty

Over the past two days, horrible events, and some great ones have unfolded.  One of the greatest stories about web entertainment is the company Roosterteeth.  They created Red vs Blue, the second longest running sci-fi series ever, and gave it out for free.  Its fans repaid them anyway, with that they went on to create more for this love.  The hired a animator who created an unstoppable web anime called RWBY.  His name is Monty Oum, he is one of the hardest working men on this planet and he is in the Hospital.  Roosterteeth’s Burnie Burns made a s post two days ago.


Many who love this show do not follow the creators, and have not herd.  I wanted to give a chance to let you guys know and help give money to help him.  Internet celebrities do not make as much as people think.  Please help.

There is a gofundme for donations.  Fans, friends and the great people of the world have donated over 150,000 so far, do you best to help him.

As a fellow creator and a Husband, for the sake of you fans, yourself, and your wife…  Fight like hell to get better Monty.

Issue #5: Sound Effects

Issue #5: Sound Effects.

Another wonderful day with the happiest barista alive!

Issue #4: Hot Cookies

yet another one!

Welcome to The Cracked Cup!

Have you ever worked somewhere that had so many little quirks and problems, you hardly even noticed them anymore?
Apparently the ladies of The Cracked Cup Coffee Co. have.

Hot CookiesCreated and written by: Emily Krippes
Art by: Tommy Krippes

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Issue #3! “Coffee Counts”

Dropped a new Cracked cup, sorry about the colors but i’m working on it.

Welcome to The Cracked Cup!

Hey everybody! It’s Thursday, which means a new comic! Enjoy!
Coffee Counts

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New Cracked cup!

Check out the new issue of The Cracked Cup!  #2 out now!