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Spidey_Gwen blonde

Cherry City Comic Con!!!

Stop by at Cherry City Comic Con, in Salem Oregon.  I’ll be in artist Ally  Ill have some new art on display there!



Issue #33: #pumpkinspice

Issue #33: #pumpkinspice.

The Killing Joke by Alan Moore

The Killing Joke by Alan Moore.

Check out a great review of a must read for DC fans.

Latest work

This is my latest, more prints to come.

scar girl color take two web size

Issue #7: Spoon Slap


Its Thursday so check out this!

Issue #7: Spoon Slap.

Issue #6: Sunday Edition

Issue #6: Sunday Edition.

Bay decides to work out… sorta

Issue #5: Sound Effects

Issue #5: Sound Effects.

Another wonderful day with the happiest barista alive!

Issue #4: Hot Cookies

yet another one!

Welcome to The Cracked Cup!

Have you ever worked somewhere that had so many little quirks and problems, you hardly even noticed them anymore?
Apparently the ladies of The Cracked Cup Coffee Co. have.

Hot CookiesCreated and written by: Emily Krippes
Art by: Tommy Krippes

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Issue #3! “Coffee Counts”

Dropped a new Cracked cup, sorry about the colors but i’m working on it.

Welcome to The Cracked Cup!

Hey everybody! It’s Thursday, which means a new comic! Enjoy!
Coffee Counts

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New Cracked cup!

Check out the new issue of The Cracked Cup!  #2 out now!


Welcome to the Cracked Cup Coffee Co.

This is awesome! I Drew this!

Welcome to The Cracked Cup!

Pilot final

Look for a new issue every Thursday!

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The Cracked Cup!

Hey everybody, I drew a comic, check it out!

The Cracked Cup


The Park Is Open

On June 12th, I’ll be at the Park.

No Strings

“There are no strings on me.”

Back from the dark

I have been dark lately, and I admit that it sucks, and I could be showing you all kinds of work, but I thought I would just show you a bit of what I have been doing for the past few months.  I have been doing some hand drawn design work.thymeAnd some drawings of some celebs that have actually signed them!

pete and claudia

Eddie McClintock and Allison Scagliotti

molly c quinnMolly C Quinn…

More is coming, Believe me… be ready, things are picking up in a big way.  I can’t wait to show you what i have been working on be hind closed doors.

Protect the net!

Is the internet slow today?  Yes it is, this is what will happen if the net losses net neutrality.  The internet is a place where any one can buy, sell, trade and create.  This where we share and give everyone the same chance to change the world, make us think, or just laugh.  Protect this freedom!


know what net neutrality is, protect it.

More work coming!

A huge, new endeavor of mine will be bearing fruit soon!  I let you know, but for now hang in there!  I have more news, work, trailers, and surprises on the way!  Be Back soon!


Following Me

Hey all you Krippes fans out there, remember, Krippes.com is not the only place where my work is web side.  To hear about things that are up coming, or just to hear what celebrities I find funny.  Follow me on twitter!  @Tkrippes

New at Steampunk Illustrated

New work for sale from yours truly.  Hit the link to buy, but enjoy the view here.


IL 2


You can own the Prints!

only here,


Just another quick update

These are my children!

Emm's Page

Hello world. Sorry I haven’t updated lately! I have been in the process of finding a job! I now have one, so I should be getting back on a schedule. I have still been sewing, so check back soon for pictures! 
I will leave you with a picture of my babies:

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My Jewelry Box

Awsomeness from Emm’s Page,check it out.

Emm's Page

Jewelry Box

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“I still believe in you Jim.”

The wait is almost over!


Man of Steel

“On my world it’s a symbol of hope.”