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Issue #5: Sound Effects

Issue #5: Sound Effects.

Another wonderful day with the happiest barista alive!

Issue #4: Hot Cookies

yet another one!

Welcome to The Cracked Cup!

Have you ever worked somewhere that had so many little quirks and problems, you hardly even noticed them anymore?
Apparently the ladies of The Cracked Cup Coffee Co. have.

Hot CookiesCreated and written by: Emily Krippes
Art by: Tommy Krippes

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Issue #3! “Coffee Counts”

Dropped a new Cracked cup, sorry about the colors but i’m working on it.

Welcome to The Cracked Cup!

Hey everybody! It’s Thursday, which means a new comic! Enjoy!
Coffee Counts

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New Cracked cup!

Check out the new issue of The Cracked Cup!  #2 out now!


Welcome to the Cracked Cup Coffee Co.

This is awesome! I Drew this!

Welcome to The Cracked Cup!

Pilot final

Look for a new issue every Thursday!

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The Cracked Cup!

Hey everybody, I drew a comic, check it out!

The Cracked Cup