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Screw TV, I have YouTube!

TV may in fact be a thing of the past.  One day all TV unites will be connected to the web, and we all will watch YouTube.  Regularly people watch half hour long programs (shut up I’m not old!) and longer on YouTube all the time.  The fact is there is more on YouTube than all TV channels in the world. In fact there can become too much since anyone with a computer can post on YouTube. So knowing whose YouTube channel to watch can be difficult.  Here are three of my favorite entertainment channels.


3.  Overly Attached Girlfriend.

Laina is a 21 year old girl from Texas who one day decided to be funny and enter a contest where Justin Bieber was having fans remake his song Boyfriend in a funny way.  What happened was a Video that was laugh out loud funny.  Not only was it funny, but she can’t really sing.  She is a comedian, making fun and joking.  She also pulled the world’s most still and scary stalker face yet seen on the internet and became a meme and is now everywhere.  She makes a new video every Monday, and each is funny in some way.   Some are song parodies and others are just comedic videos.  It might seem stupid, but it is really funny in reality.  Sarcasm is funny.

2.  Geek and Sundry.

Are you a nerd? Seriously, are you?  Ok so you know who Felicia Day is right?  No?  She was on Buffy and Eureka!  Yeah, the redhead.  So as it turns out, she really is a mega nerd.  She is also a compulsive and obsessive film maker.  Well lucky for her, there is thing where she can pump out videos constantly.  So her result was her first internet web series sensation called The Guild.  This took the internets by storm.  It was a series based on gamers playing a World Of Warcraft style game and have resulting social issues.  It has run for six seasons, and might go for another.  But this was not enough for the uber nerd, Day, so she made a YouTube channel to turn out six shows a week.  My favorite is the Flog.  But do not be surprised to see some major faces on this network, like Zachery Levi, Nathan Fillion, and this guy named Joss Whedon, he directed this movie called the Avengers.  It kind of made a few billion dollars. His brother Jed directed and helped write this music video with Felicia Day, but Day seems to write most to almost all of the content on this channel and she produces all of it.

3.  RoosterTeeth, Makers of Red vs. Blue.

“That was the worse throw ever…of all time.”  If you have been living under a rock for the past ten years, or you’re old, then you might have missed the mega web series Red vs. Blue.  Ten years ago (f**k I’m old) a few guys were playing Halo multi player, when one of them,  a man named Burnie Burns, had an idea.  He decided to make a short series of videos animated with the game Halo.  He brought together a group of friends to make them.  Burnie Burns, Gus Sorola, Matt Hullum, Dan Godwin, Geoff Ramsey, Joel Hayman, Jason Saldana, Kathleen Zuelch, and Yomary cruz as Sheila the Tank.  Made a little show and put it on the Web before YouTube!  The fans loved it,  and the makers of Halo loved it so much they began putting in things to make filming the scenes easier for the crew.  What was once meant to be a six episode joke became their life.  They called their company Rooster teeth (don’t ask just watch to figure it out).  After ten years they have become so well know that even Frodo himself stared on the show.  That’s right!  Elijah Wood was on it.  With their video game spin off site, Achievement Hunter, they have expanded with many other series, and even more to come.  But if you are wondering how popular this sight has become, they have almost 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube, and as of this moment they have 1,844,435,598 views.  This does not count their own website, where you can be a sponsor and see the videos before they hit YouTube.   Also, if you want to catch up with their series, you can buy the blue ray on dvd at Best Buy.  Not bad for some guys who wanted to goof off.

These are just my favorites. YouTube is too big to watch, seriously.  If one was going to try and watch every video on that is currently on YouTube, they would die of old age before the half way point, and even then they can never sleep.  There is still more to come.

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