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Get Over Here!

The run away success of the Mortal Kombat Web Series returns with the full cast.  Here is a trailer, enjoy the next season!


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from the Overly Attached Girlfriend!

Yeah I crapped my pants too!

The Wolverine

“I can make you Mortal.”

The Wolverine

Starring Huge Jackman, a revamp to the Wolverine franchise.

Busy Week, for me not you!

I am spending the next week of my life moving my operation, I will have almost no time to post new things to Krippes.com, i’m sorry but boxes are heavy.  Check in next week for future updates and fun stuff, thanks.

Work in progress

More work coming soon!inprogess

Steampunk! More Steam!

Modern day can be very depressing.  Yet the past, when you really look, is often just as if not more depressing to look at.  Many feel they need to reinvent something new.  Out of this breed a new kind of subculture born of literature.   What was done was the romantic look, feel, and joy of a past time combine with the hope and fun of futuristic design.  It’s called Steampunk.  And it is one of the most interesting movements yet.  What nerds, the new leaders of the world, have done is create a fun, and often sexy world of fashion, technology, music, and way of life.  Most of the look of this is based off the steam age, or Victorian London.  The looks have both elements of an older finer life and a punk “do it yourself” look.  It has spawned great comics, novels and even some movies have elements.  Games are starting to come out in the genre.  Dishonored is one such game, and so is the new Bioshock game.  The steampunk comic Lady Mechanika is one of the most popular indie comics out right now.  It’s next to impossible to get this constantly sold out comic by Joe Benitez.


Fashion also has been one of the most amazing things that have been influenced by this genre.  Shops, like Clockwork Couture and Steampunk Couture are out there where you can buy the clothing for either costumes or day to day.  But in true Punk fashion, most of the steampunk work you see will be hand mad, often by the person you see wearing it.  Krippes.com’s besty blog, Emm’s Page, has begun to make her own steampunk fashion.  Check it out!


Felicia Day dressed by Clockwork Couture!


If you want to know what Steampunk is, look up Steampunk Couture, and its creator Kato.  It is the oldest steampunk shop out there.  Kato has done her best to create steampunk clothing, not costumes; this woman has created clothing that could be worn every day without making the wearer feel too much like they are in costume, or need five people to get them out of it.  She has what may be the best example of modern steampunk style.  All in true steam punk manner its hand made.

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Think Steampunk is dumb? Think again, most steampunk people are hardworking and often very successful.  You can even find them jumping into the most popular shows out there like Castle and Warehouse 13.  Steampunk is here and in the past five years it has started to become more and more influential.  I myself am using it as the inspiration of my new web comic.

Are you still a nerd but just don’t like steampunk.  Well, there is always Cyberpunk, which is futuristic.  Diesel Punk, which is more WW2 like in its fashion, like the game Fallout 3.  And there still more Punk play-on movements.  When people see a world they do not like, they often try to create a better one to escape to.  Hey at least it seems healthier then the Vampire thing.



The Lost

The Lost.

The Lost is a new web series by myself, about a man who is trying to survive in a world that seems to be a dumping point of alternate realties.  Never knowing what he will find or face, he must use his military survival training and knowledge as a former Air force gunsmith to try and stay alive through each day.  With no hope of getting home, and no real knowledge about how he got there or where he is, he fights his way through a world not only full monster, but also one that contains people from other worlds who may help, or kill him for his supplies.  His life is one day changed when a strange aircraft crashes nearby and he discovers a lone survivor.  Can he find any kind of real life in this world and what  danger will he find next.

Since this Comic is made in by me and me alone, it will not be out for some time.  How often it will be released and when are not decided yet.  Till then, Coming soon.