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Drawing returns to the big screen!

For those who saw the Disney short “Paper Man”  you may have had you heart warmed by the love story, and the sheer cutness of it all.  I on the other hand had my jaw on the floor and felt like cheering at the end.  Why?  It was drawn!  For the first time in a long time some one drew the images, totally free hand.  What it really was the first true CG/drawing Hybrid.  What was done was that Disney took the mega Talent who drew the classics, like Aladdin and little mermaid, and let him use a program that let hims draw right on top of the CG models.  So with the combined method you get a smooth and classic 3d world, with the personality of a drawing.  This Personality has all but been forgotten to the world since Pixar’s ability with story and CG animation took the world over.  But it has returned, and it is triumphant.  As a man who still believes in the power of a hand drawing, this now Oscar nominated short film was great to see.


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